Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yeah! The Week is Over

Whoo! Mommy is tired! A miracle did occur around Thursday and Ivy has been going potty in the little potty chair. She had one accident because we had waited too long to take her once. We are still waiting for her to tell us when the Big #2 is coming. I had two of those accidents today. One was at Starbucks so mommy wasn't too happy. She is doing way better than I thought she would do. I am thankful that the hard part is over. I also love looking at her little bunnies in undies!

My wonderful husband started a blog of his own. It is to the right under "Blogs I Like"...there is only 1 post but I am excited to hear his thoughts on things.

Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Ash!

To my sweet friend Ashley,
Your testimony to me of strength, endurance, faith and love has meant so much to me this year. You have strived to honor God in the face of trials and tribulation. I pray that your next year brings you extreme joy. I love you. Have a great birthday!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fost Adopt Update

We got a call today from our matcher. She let me know that she submitted our names to be considered to take the 2 boys I heard about. It is not in LA County so they do these adoptions different so they need to chose us. (The Agency, not the birth mom.) We will find out after that. The meeting is July 10. (They pick 2 families in case one says no.)

I am going to be kind of general in the details but here are some:

The birthmom is 17 and in the foster care system herself. (This is good in the fact that she won't have any relatives trying to get the baby.)

The birthdad (same for both boys) has already had his rights terminated in court.

The boys are 26 months and 7 months old. They are pretty much on track where they need to be. They both have asthma and exema (Spelling wrong). One is getting tested for allergies. One is potty trained (YEAH!!!!!!) and the other one sleeps through the night until 4am.

The birth mom has waivered between wanting the kids and not. She just gets visits and they haven't went well. The boys are in a foster home right now.

I would like you to pray that if these kids are not meant to be ours then we won't get picked. I want the right child/children for our family not just any children. It would be a clear sign from the Lord if we weren't picked. If we are, then we will find out more info. and have big decisions to make. Please pray for us.

Our matcher said that she is going to stop actively looking for a child for us until we hear about the boys....unless the perfect one comes we go!

False Alarm

As I was writing my last blog, Ivy started to yell poo poo! Poo Poo! I said, Good girl, run to your potty. As she was sitting on the potty. She kept pointing by the toy box, saying poo poo. I looked over and there it was! In a pile like a dog. I wanted to die.....Just when you think it can't get worse......

Getting Better

Okay...we might be turning a page in the potty training chapter. As I was thinking of giving up yesterday, (after 3 accidents) Ivy went in her little potty twice! Then she got a litle excited. This morning she didn't have any accidents and then she went in her potty! Yeah! I was on the phone with Wendy and Ivy showed me and I started to scream in the phone. I hope things only go up from here!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Potty training part 2


Not Our Best Day (Potty Training Day 1)

start of the day with fresh undies.
she has never done this before but she chose to wet her bed right as I was getting the undies out of her drawer
Her 8th pair of undies today. (9 potty accidents. One was a poo poo that I stepped in and it was sticking to my foot. )
Bored and Playing
Mad that she wasn't getting any M&M's. Gotta go...another accident! Pray for me....By the way, I took everyone's advice. I have been setting the timer every 25 minutes and we sit there for about 10 minutes. I am still in my PJ's from this morning!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Long Time, No Blog

Well....Sorry for the delay. Alot has been going on at the Elliott house. My parents were here for 11 days. (Pictures to follow soon.) My mom and I did Disneyland, My dad remodeled our bathroom and did many home repairs. (none of which was planned before he got here.) We house sat for Rob and Dawn was jam packed! Tomorrow one of my best friend's ,Kelli Iverson, is flying in because we are giving our friend Ashley a girl's weekend for her birthday. June is just flying by!

I got a call that Matt and I have been officially certified for foster- adoption! We met with our "matcher" tonight. (She is the lady that calls us if we match with a child/children that fits our description....and then we can go get them or meet them! It is crazy! Now we can get a call any day. I told her that I was scared and she said that I just need to "Jump". and take a leap of faith. She said, "You're a Christian right? So pray about it and Jump." I wanted to cry when she said that. I told her of my fears of the child being taken away. She said, " What if the Lord uses you to love that child for a while because they needed you." She said to be as cautious as we can (with the information that we are given) and then jump.

We also changed our description of what child we would take. We said any race, but if the child was African American, we would only take siblings. Then she told us that she just got a call about 2 boys (ages one and two) they are white boys and they live in a different county. She said that she had a whole paper on them and she was going to go home and see if they fit our description. Holy Cow! I was like, we just met you at Starbucks and your telling me about 2 boys already? I really don't have my hopes up about them but we will see.

Keep us in your prayers! I will keep you posted!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


This morning I got Ivy some cereal and I ran upstairs to blow dry my hair. I told her before I left to not make a mess. (Sometimes out of boredom she likes to smear her milk all over the table. I haven't figured that out yet because she gets in trouble every time.) I came downstairs and looked at the table and there was nothing there. I was thinking, "Great! What couch am I going to find all of this under" I asked her where she put her bowl and spoon. She said "In there" and pointed to the dishwasher. I thought No! This can't be true. I said, "Let's go look." Sure enough the spoon was where it should be and so was the bowl. THERE IS A GOD! I said'"Good job Cinderella." (That is what I call her when she does work around the house. ) Now...if I can just teach her to floormate the floor!

Monday, June 2, 2008

New Looking Blog

Does everyone like the new look on my blog? I like it but it has been a pain! It erased alot of what was on my blog (accidently)and I have tried to put things back from memory and it has been hard. If you were on my blog roll and you aren't now it is because I cannot find your address. If you could give it to me again that would be great! I need to think twice before I think I am a computer whizz.

Please pray for Matt as he heads to Washington tomorrow for the funeral of his Grandma. Since we were all just there a couple of weeks ago, Ivy and I are staying home. Although I hate to be without him. I am glad that he can go be with his family.