Sunday, September 28, 2008

No News is Good News? (Update for Fuzzy)

Thank you to everyone who asks about Matt and I. My friend,Matt (a.K.a. Fuzzy)kindly let me know that I need to be writing the latest. There isn't a whole lot to tell. I will say this. I have really studied Philippians 4 :6-7 this week. " Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."
That verse has really rang true in my heart this week. I did what the verse said and I truly believe that God gave me peace this week. All of our circumstances didn't change but God gave me an unexplainable peace with it all. I still can cry about it when people ask me but I know that He is in control. I know that He loves Sissy more than Matt and I. I am praying that God does a miracle and leaves her with us, but I also believe that His ways are higher than ours and He knows what is best. I have been so thankful for everyone's encouraging words. Please continue to pray for our court date October 15th.
This last week our birthmom called to confirm that she was coming for the visit. I put all 3 kids in the car and we drove the half hour to get there....then she never showed up. So..we all came home.
Matt had a great talk with the maternal grandparents this week. They are also concerned that the baby will go to the birthfather's sister. They wanted to know what Matt and I mean when we say that we would have an open adoption (with them). It was a good talk and they are feeling comfortable with us to ask us questions. I would love to have a realationship with them in the future and have them come to know the Lord.
I don't know anything else about this aunt. I know that she is certified to take kids because Sissy's bio brother is in the system. All of this doesn't look great for us but God can do anything. I really think that He doesn't want us to know much more than that so that we keep our eyes focued on Him and that He is in control.
Siss is laughing alot now and (I think) is going to start crawling anyday now. She is such a good baby. God has been so good to us with that. We will keep enjoying her as another week brings us closer to October 15th. Please also pray that if she is going to leave us that we will find out that day so that it is not dragged out any more than that. Thanks so much!

Friday, September 19, 2008

My 36th Birthday

Through our busy life, people who know me know that I always find time to celebrate my birthday. Thank you to all who sent me birthday wishes.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I was having my Quiet Time with the Lord and I was going over a sermon from a couple months back from Pastor Philip De Courcy. With the struggles that we are having, and so many of our friends ( we are praying for you Kostjuk's, Iverson's and Castro's!) I thought I would jot down some things that spoke to me.

"In trials, God is up to something you can't get your head around. Don't waste your sorrows. God brings Easter's out of Good Friday's."

"There is such a thing as a good-bad. Man means it for evil-God means it for good. God can turn any circumstances into good." Gen. 50:20

"Don't ask God "why?" ask God " what?" What do you want me to do now?"

"Flexibility and faith go hand and hand. Life is 10% what you make it and 90% how you take it."

" God's Soverignty will not answer all your questions but will relieve your anxiety."

" There is never a missed moment in life. God ordains it all."

Fost Adopt Update #11

Alot has happened within the last 24 hours.

* They switched the birthmom visits back to Chatsworth. The BM's phone has been disconnected so they can't get a hold of her so they are waiting for her to call.

* An aunt (on the birthfather's side) has come forward and says that she wants baby Sissy. She is having her home inspected to see if it is OK for the baby. She has 2 of the birthfathers other children so she wants this one. She is only the LEGAL GUARDIAN of those kids. The judge has said before that he wants Sissy in an adoptive home but that doesn't mean that he won't change his mind.

* Grandma (who we have visits with) told the lawyer that she wants Matt and I to adopt the baby. I(She has never told us that before) I think that she feels with us, she can see or know the baby but if that aunt gets her, she proubly won't ever see her.

* There is a court date OCTOBER 15. They may say that the aunt gets her on that date. Matt and I are going to go. Please pray that we get to keep Sis and this aunt will for some reason be dismissed. Pray that Matt and I will continue to trust the Lord and that we will find joy in His will.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fost Adopt Update #10

I hate to keep using bullet points but I feel like I don't want to leave anything out.

* On our visit this week, Matt told the grandparents that we would not be setting up visits on the weekends. Grandma seemed upset but Grandpa understood. We told them that we would drive to the Northridge mall every other week to help them out. (our social workers thought we were being too nice.)

* We went to a support group on Monday night. It ended up being with a bunch of Christians. There were prayer requests and prayer. Only one lady was getting really phychological. We heard alot of things that we didn't like about the DCFS but we needed to hear that they mess things up for you more than they get things right. They gave Matt and I some good pointers. It is once a month and we get resurtification credit for doing it so why not? Everyone was really nice.

I had a visit with another social worker this morning...( I know...It is alot!) She is the one who doesn't really know too much. She didn't even bring anything with her that had to do with our case....just a pad of when I asked her questions, she didn't know anything. She did tell me that she told the BM (birthmom) that if she didn't do what she was supposed to, that we were ready to adopt the baby. (She still hasn't done anything and that was a month ago.)

* She also said that they (DCFS) called the alleged birthfather for something and he called the BM really angry saying, tell them to not bother me again! So, I really am not too concerned with him. He wants nothing to do with this baby.

* Right now, the only thing I don't feel good about is still the Grandma. I think she might think that her daughter is going to pull through. If is is over a year to 18 months and the birthmother is not doing anything and Grandma really sees that she might go into adoption...she might pull out all the stops then to get her, AND she proubly would get her. I don't trust her...BUT I TRUST THE LORD! He knows what is going to happen and I remind myself of that everyday. Isn't all of our children in His hands? Please keep us in your prayers.

* Side note...Little Sis is such a happy baby, loves Ivy, smiles all the time. Lifts her head up to look all over the place. Ivy gets her face down to her level so they can just stare at each other while Ivy makes her laugh. She is a blessing in so many ways. She is easy to fight for. I can't wait for the day to come (hopefully the day comes) when I can put pictures up of her beautiful face.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

It's Not Always as It Seems (Update #9)

Just when I think things are slowing down.....Here are some facts.

* The birthmom did not show up to any visits this week here in town. She called to say that she would not come to our town because it is too far. That might work against her or the court might say I have to drive to Hollywood 2x a week. Pray that I don't have to do that. The county wants her to make an effort to see the baby but the court might not see things that way.

* Last night was the first visit with the grandparents. They were nice and brought her clothes. They now get UNSUPERVISED visits with her so it was at the mall. BUT, they are complaining that it is too far to drive and they want to visit her on weekends down by them. I am upset because the county says that it is up to us so I feel like they are going to talk about it with me every week until I change things. My question is...Why am I doing all of the driving when it is their grandchild? I am doing 3 visits a week on top of social worker visits!!! I am really praying about this one.....

* The grandma also is not thinking that she is getting fair treatment from the county so she has contacted a reporter and a laywer....but she has said 2x in court now that she doesn't want to adopt her. I am so glad that I believe that God has everything in control and mapped out the way it is going to go already. I am really clinging to that. doesn't matter what happens, it is all in His control. That is what I think on when I fight being anxious....which happens often.

Thank you all for your encouragement. I keep saying that. I remember Tracy D. telling me that her daughter was the most prayed for little girl in the whole church when they were trying to adopt her. I hope that I get the chance to share that with BGE someday. It means so much that you love her already.