Friday, November 9, 2007

Growing Pains Girl.....

I was at the mall today with Ivy and Hollie and I ran into Tracey Gold who used to be on the TV show Growing Pains. I had one of her sons in my preschool class about 3 years ago. She is pregnant right now with her 4th boy. She was pregnant when her son Bailey was in my class. She had that son at the mall with her. He was the HUGEST 3 year old I have ever seen in my life! He was taller than most 5 year olds. He made Ivy look like a peanut. I thought it was funny that for such a "Little Lady" she sure grows big boys!...........just thought you wanted to hear about my "celebrity" sighting for the day.............OK, it's a slow day. Kelli


Swimwife said...

I love it!! the new pics of you guys are awesome!! Ivy is growing way too fast!
love you