Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Welcome a New Blogger to the Family!


I was going to write a blog tonight about how my friend Wendy needs to do a blog while she is in Italy...then I checked my messages and she had already started one tonight! You can see her address in My Friend's Blogs section. If you don't know her, you have heard me talk about her enough. Congrats Girl!

I can't end my message without an Ivy story. She went to the mall with her babysitter today. I saw pictures of her trying on bright green heels that she saw in a store and wanted to try on and then she convinced Sarah (the babysitter) to take her on the carousol. The only problem is Sarah is pregnant and the ride was too fast for her.


michelle said...

love your blog - so cute. found you from Wendy's new blog!
Michelle Castro

Wendy Penberthy said...

Kell, you are killing me. I did my blog just for you since we never talk. ha ha. I miss you SO much! Give Ivy a kiss from me and tell her that her best friend Kate is praying for her and especially that she gets a new brother or sister soon. Love you... Wen