Saturday, November 3, 2007

Hello Everyone


Everyone I know is starting a family blog so I thought I should join in. I am not that good on the computer so we will see how it goes. I feel like I tell stories about Ivy so many times that now I can just post them. Tonight she baked with me for the first time. We made apple crisp. We took some pictures and if I can figure out how to put one on here I will.


Swimwife said...

Yea Kelli!! The blogging world is so fun! I love you and miss you!
~the woodwards~ Staci, Gabe, Reese and Hudson

terry pagach said...

Hey Kel! Great job! I love seeing Mom and daughter creating loving memories. Thanks for sharing these with us all. You are a joy to me!
I love you. ~~terry
And Ivy, wasn't the best part tasting the dough? You are wild with delight...just look at those eyes, and that smile!!!!