Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ivy's Adoption Story Part 1

My friend Tracy is writing the stories of all of her kid's adoptions. I have started Ivy's story in a book but I think blogging it will force me to finish it. I find Tracy's stories so fasinating (see Dodson Family at the bottom of my blog) so I thought people might like to read Ivy's. So......Here we go. First, let me take a moment and talk to my daughter.

For- Ivy Emma Elisabeth Elliott

This book has stories about your life that I think you should know about. I want to write it down before I forget these little facts. Treasure this story as much as I love and treasure you.
Love, Your Mom

Matt and I had wanted to have a baby about 3 years into our marriage. We didn't start trying yet because we couldn't afford it. I know people say that you can never afford to have a baby but we really couldn't. We had too much college debt. It wasn't until we were married about 6 years (Matt and I are trying to remember...all I know is that it felt like forever!) that we started trying to have a baby. I don't know how to explain it but I always had a feeling that I would have a hard time getting pregnant. Maybe it was God preparing my heart for things to come. We met with a regular Dr. and not long after that we went to a specialist in Thousand Oaks. He was so great and caring, not a believer but he was very positive that we would get pregnant. One problem that we had is that my eggs grow slow, so when we were doing artificial insemination, I would have to drive to Thousand Oaks (about 45 minutes away) every other day, leave work and go by myself. My work was so understanding, telling me my family came first but those drives were lonely and discouraging. The drugs made me so sad and I cried all the time. Ask Wendy! She was such a good friend to me, she endured alot. I often asked her in tears, "Do you like being my friend? I am so high maitenance." I remember Mike walking in the door and saying" Geez,Why is Kelli crying again?" Matt was wonderful too. He would just lay in bed with me while I cried about nothing. I am so thankful that I will never take those drugs again!


Dodson Family said...

I am sooo happy you are doing this. Thank you for putting in on your blog!!! You will be glad you did it while it is all so fresh in your mind and it will constantly remind you how awesome it is to see the hand of God so evidently in your life. He is so good - good to you and Matt and so so so good to Ivy to give you guys to her as her parents. God bless you Kel.

Kelli I. said...

Thank you for sharing Ivy's adoption story! Since God blessed me so greatly by my own adoption, I love hearing about other families who have shared in this amazing experience. I remember the day Ivy was born like it was yesterday. You and Matt are so blessed to be her parents...and Ivy is greatly blessed to be your daughter. Keep the stories ooming!

Wendy Penberthy said...

I love it Kell!! Even though I was with you through it, it is sooo great to hear all the intimate details that I didn't see. I know it was SO hard to not get pregnant but I LOVE Ivy and I'm thankful that she is your daughter. I can't imagine your life without her and she looks just like you and Matt that it's amazing!! Keep the stories coming girl!