Monday, February 25, 2008

Ivy's Adoption Story Part 2

Ivy (2) and Lexie Kostjuk(3)

People are going to laugh who know this story but I have to tell it. Let me just tell you how much I loved Kirk Cameron as a teen. I was a little obsessed. I even used to pray for his salvation because I know we couldn't get married if he wasn't a Christian. ( He is a super godly man now serving the Lord...I don't want to take any credit for that but....ya know!) Anyways, Matt and I had done our first artificial insemination with the specialist and it didn't work. I drove to Thousand Oaks and met with the Dr., he told me that we were going to start the drugs again. I tried to stay positive in front of him but I wanted so badly to start crying right there. I hated all the shots and drugs. I left the office asking the Lord for strength. I remember praying," Lord I know you love me and this is for my good but I am so low right now. I need SOMETHING today to let me know you care about me and my feelings." I wasn't asking for a baby that day, just something to lift my spirits. I went to the gas station to get gas and a guy (who had that 1990's look about him)walked in to pay and it reminded me of Kirk Cameron. I said to myself, "Lord, now THAT would make my day"....meaning seeing Kirk Cameron.

Now....the next part of this story is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH!!!!! I went across the street to get a Jamba Juice and KIRK CAMERON WAS SITTING THERE READING HIS BIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went into Jamba Juice and started shaking a little bit. I had to talk to him or Matt would kill me because I have talked about meeting him forever. I went up to him and started talking, I remember talking so fast that he was just staring at me in disbelief. We talked about John MacArthur....we had to because before I went up to him I didn't even plan out what I was going to say. After I left, I was so excited I called everyone I knew. They were waiting for me to call about the DR. and I was screaming so loud about Kirk, I literally lost my voice. People thought I was nuts. They kept asking me what the Dr. said and I said WHO CARES!

As I laid in bed that night still happy from my visit, I remembered the prayer I prayed to the Lord. I just laid there and thanked Him. People might just always laugh at this story but I remember it as the day that God showed me that He was not going to take this trial from me, He didn't even promise me that it would end soon but He showed me that He loved me and that He was going to be faithful to show me anytime I needed it!


Happy Hollie said...

This post made me cry! I remember that day like it was yesterday. I still laugh thinking about it. I also remember you reminding me of this a few months ago how God is faithful, how He will sustain us and he will help us to find joy in the little things. I believe it sis. I love you and am fervently praying for you, Matt and Ives.

Kelli I. said...

I still remember the phone call! :) Thanks for always encouraging me and giving me another reason to smile!

Laura said...

What a great story - both for the humor and the testament to God's grace!
I had a crush on Kirk Cameron too! I can still picture the poster of him that hung above my desk, in all the typical 80's shades of tourquise and pink =). I'm sure I wouldn't have been any more calm, cool and collected than it sound like you were!
BTW, thanks for the link! I was just hoping you wouldn't mind changing it to elimate our last name. With Dan's job and all we're a little paranoid about that stuff =).

Lauren Smith said...

Hi Kelli, I have been enjoying reading your blog the last few days, I feel like I am getting to catch up with all the God has done in your lives in this time that we don't see you as often. We will be praying that you will get a new little baby soon. Any child would be so blessed to have parents as godly, loving and fun as you! Love, Lauren

Jenny M. said...

I never get tired of hearing that story, I think that is THE BEST celebrity sighting story ever. God really does know exactly what we need exactly when we need it!

You and Hollie never cease to amaze me in your faithfulness to the Lord during trials.